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Almost anyone injured at work, doing work duties, are covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance as required by State law. It does not matter who is at fault for the accident that caused the injury; the law requires employers to provide Workman’s Compensation insurance coverage.

Even though Workers’ Compensation is mandated by law, some insurance carriers resist paying what you are owed; additionally, the process to get what you are owed is complicated and difficult to navigate without an experienced lawyer.

Oftentimes you are entitled to much more than the Worker’s Compensation insurer offers to pay for your injuries and lost wages. The lawyers at Sansone & Lauber Trial Lawyers, have represented dozens of employee in the Missouri and Illinois Worker’s Compensation courts to successful conclusions.

Our workers’ compensation lawyer can help you with a work injury resulting from any type of accident at work or while performing work duties regardless of whose fault it is.

  • Machinery accidents
  • Slips and falls
  • Defective tools
  • Repetitive stress disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Occupational diseases
  • Loss of hearing or eyesight

In some instances, legitimate Workers’ Compensation claims may be denied by aggressive compensation carriers or an employer may threaten termination f you pursue a claim; do not let them scare you, the law will protect you if you let us show you how.

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