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Being involved in the motorcycle community and as a motorcycle injury lawyer, I have experienced first hand the inattention motorists have for motorcyclists, represented dozens of clients involved in serious motorcycle accidents in Missouri and Illinois. Additionally, I have myself been the victim of an inattentive driver almost costing me my life while on my motorcycle; needless to say, his insurance company paid dearly.

Missouri Motorcycle accidents yearly increases over previous year and deaths:

  • 2003: 11.1% increase over previous year
  • 2003: motorcycle death every 5.0 hours
  • 2004: 10.8% increase over previous year
  • 2004: motorcycle death every 4.8 hours
  • 2005: 10.4% increase over previous year
  • 2005: motorcycle death every 4.2 hours
  • 2006: 07.3% increase over previous year
  • 2006: motorcycle death every 4.0 hours

Source: Missouri State Highway Patrol – Statistical Analysis Center

Missouri motorcyclists are at an ever increasing risk of injury or death as the result motor vehicle accidents. Every year in Missouri the number of fatal motorcycle accidents increases and the rate of death resulting from a motorcycle accident increases as well.

As a motorcycle accident injury lawyer I see a lot of motorcycle accidents resulting in either death or serious injuries that leave a permanent physical disability on my clients. In my experience, the absolute number one reason and cause of motorcycle accidents is other driver inattention. This results in motorcycles being side swiped, cut-off, rear ended, slammed into head on, and run off the road.

An experienced motorcycle injury lawyer is absolutely critical to any motorcycle accident case. Recently, I took over a case where the motorcyclist was cut off by a minivan that made a right turn from the left lane, thus cutting across the right lane of traffic, the lane of traffic my client was in. She claimed, I did not see him and the prior lawyer secured a weak offer to settle the case. I have taken over the case and we are taking a very aggressive approach as clearly the minivan driver failed to yield, cut off the motorcyclist, and his only option was to drop his bike to avoid a collision. Many lawyers and insurance adjusters approach this case with the attitude of no collision, then not really their fault. The dropping of his bike and avoidance of the collision probably saved my client’s life.

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